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How ro select ASCOM options when windows are closed
1. Down in the right corner select the little up arrow, and right mouse on the ASCOM symbol .  It will give your a menu as below.
  1. Select Disconnect to disconnect the ASCOM driver.  This will show Connect if the ASCOM driver is not connected.
  2. Show hand controller - you can also hide the hand controller or this option can show the Hand controller.
  3. Advanced Gemini Setting will bring up the Advanced Gemini Setting (Setting from Gemini) menu
  4. Configure Focuser.  There use to be made a Focuser for the Gemini-1, but it is no longer being made.
  5. Observatory Log - this window show entries that have been observed in the Gemini.
  6. Manage Catalogs - this lets you select a catalog and do a GOTO from that catalog.  You can also do a Sync, or Additional Align and many other functions.
  7. You can select to show nonfictions or turn them off.
  8. Slow Status Panel - you can turn on or off the Status panel
  9. Help - brings up the manual - F1 will do the same thing.
  10. About Gemini Driver - Shows the version of the Gemini ASCOM driver and who helped develop it and who help contribute to it, including yours truly.
  11. Exit - the only way to close the ASCOM drive.
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