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Handcontroller Errors
We will investage the common problems with the hand controller.  Almost all of these result in an "Connecting to the Gemini..." message without connecting.

1. The most common porblem is that the hand controller is plugged into Serial Port 1,
instead of Serial Port 2.  This is the labeling on the Original Version of the Gemini-2.  The new Mini Version has the port labeled HC.

2. If you have the first version of the hand controller, the next most common problem is that the micro SDcard inside the hand controller is loose and not pushed in all the way.  Here is a movie of the older version of the hand controller that normally has this problem.

3. The next most common problem is that the cable has gone bad on one end. You can order a replacement from Losmandy. Also see hand controller cable for more information on these.  Also look at the connectors in the main unit and make sure the pins in the Female RJ-12 connectors are straight and no trash is in them.  It was common for the RS-232 IC to go bad with static electricty on the Gemini-1 units, but I have heard of no cases of this happening with the Gemini-2 units.

4. If you do not see the initial Logo Screen on the hand controller when you power up the gemini 2, then this is an indication that the mico-SDcard is loose, or has become corrupted, and needs to be reformated and reprogrammed.  In this case, you will most likely have to remove the micro-SDcard.  Please observe all warnings, as the LCD is easly pulled off the circuit board if the gasket gets to sticky.  See removing and replacing the micro SDcards.

5.  The other most common problem is that the screen will change language.  Now this is only on the first version of the Hand controllers (blue circuit boards).  On that version, is some hidden buttons at the bottom of the screen. They are normally hidden by the bezel, but if the screen is not calibrated when first powered on, the touch position will not align with the graphics and these buttons might be able to be touched.  You have about two seconds to initialize the touch screen calibration sequence.  See Calibrating the touch screen.  This is part of the Quick start and screen alignment demo.
Page last updated on July 23, 2016
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