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Copy Catalogs from Web interface to Hand controller
These instructions will teach you how to copy Star catalog files that are in the Web interface into the hand controller.  Unfortunately, you cannot copy from the SDcard, but only past into it.  First we will download the catalog file you want from the list below, and store it on your desktop, or an empty directory. From there we can put in into the micro-SDcard using Windows File Explorer as an FTP client.  For this demo we are going to teach our friends in the Southern Hemisphere to put the "Southern Constellation_Stars.guc file into the hand controller.  All catalog files must end in .guc
To create catalogs from scratch I suggest that you use "Didier Garriou Gemini Catalogs building site"
  1. Connect the Gemini-2 using it's Ethernet port to your computer. See the Menu Under Gemini-2/Connecting to Ethernet port if you do not know how to do this.
  2. Open up a Windows File explorer window. See example for this.
  3. Now either create an empty directory, (especially if you want to do more than one catalog) or browse to the desktop.  I created an empty directory called C:\starcatalogs. See below.

double-click on images to open larger version.
  1. Now you need to download one or all of the files below and put them into the directory you just created, or on your desktop if you want.  NOTE: A * after the name indicates this file should already included in the HC catalogs
  1. Now for this demo, please double click on the link above Southern_Constellation_Stars.guc
    and then when the below menu shows on the download bar, select the down button next to save and select save_as and then point to the save_as location to your empty directory or desktop.

After saving the file it should look like below.
This Demo users Windows IE9, menu will be different for other browsers.
  1. Now while keeping the above Windows File Explorer window open, open up another Windows File Explorer window. This is easy done by right clicking on the Windows File Explorer icon and selecting "Windows Explorer" See below.
  1. Now in the top window, in the top line where you see Libraries, replace that with ftp://admin@gemini  See the two picture below for example.

From this

to this
  1. A window similar to this one should appear.
  1. Now on the rear window that shows the Southern_Constallation_Stars.guc file, Right click on that file and select save.
  2. Now you have two options here.  You can now bring the window that shows the SDcard contents back to the front, and either Right Click on the HCFirmware menu and select paste, or you can double click on the HCFirmware directory and open it.   After opening it, click any where in the blank space and select paste.  Below is a sample with the HCFirmware directory open and the file copied to it.
  1. Now you have two choices to get the files you just transferred into the micro-SDcard to be uploaded to the hand controller.
    • Turn the power off and then back on.
    • The second way is from the hand controller. From Menu on the hand controller, select "HC" then select "SDcard", then hit the "Upload Files button."
Note: You can do one file, or multiple files at the same time. This is also one way that you can update the firmware in the hand controller. If updating firmware, however, you have to use the power off and power back on to transfer the firmware as the upload file button will not work for firmware updates.
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