Gemini-2 and Gemini-1 Telescope Mount Controller
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New Users to the Gemini-2 Controller PLEASE start first, by going down the menu list provided by clicking on the "Start Here" menu button to the right of the above home button.

WARNING: Here are several operational warning about the Gemini-2 & Gemini-1 controllers including changing batteries.

Do not use any of the firmware (see note below)  on this site to update the new version of the Gemini-2 with.  The version that is now shipping is different than the versions provided on this site.  Again the newer version has only one power plug.  The Newer firmware only has changes to account for some wiring and component changes in the unit,  No new software features was added.  PS, some at Losmandy are referring to it as the Gemini-2 Mini.  That is what this site will call it also. You can update only the Web interface itself by following the instructions on
If your Gemini-2 Mini does not have the Videos and you want them, it is safe to update only the Web interface.

Note: Firmware is defined as a file that is put into the processor itself, (Flashed is the term we use), such as NewGem.bin, HGM_Gem2.bin or Cur_Gem2.bin. The other files on the micro-SDcard is not technically firmware and mostly used only for the web interface.  All files for the Gemini-2 Mini on the micro SDcard except one of the three mentioned in the first sentence of this note is the same as on the original version of the Gemini-2.

Click here for the latest firmware.  Latest Firmware is 23 Feb 2014 for the main unit and 20 Feb 2014 for the Hand controller. This is for the older version of the Gemini-2 units. The Web interface however has been updated (18 May 2015). 
Use the Gemini-2 Firmware update program (GFU) with the "HC", "Catalogs" and "Flash Firmware" boxes UN-CHECKED, and only the "Gemini" and "Video" boxes Checked, to update to latest web interface, without updating the Firmware. Only the Web interface has changed itself, to add the movies that Scott Losmandy has produced, and also updated the French, German, and Spanish Web interfaces to link to the movies.  Instructions are here:

There are now two versions of the Gemini-2 main unit, and two versions of the hand controller.
Click on the individual image to see more details about the particular versions.
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